Cow Play Cow Moo applies self-disinfecting & anti-viral coating to arcade machines

Two-metre tall separators have also been installed.

Mabel Wong | June 17, 2020, 02:27 PM

With Phase 2 fast approaching, a lot of establishments in Singapore are preparing to open for business.

Local arcade chain Cow Play Cow Moo is doing the same, although they may not be able to open on June 19 itself.

Machines covered with self-disinfecting coating

The arcade has coated their machines, surfaces, and balls with a self-disinfecting, anti-viral coating.

According to Cow Play Cow Moo, the arcade chain uses the same sdst coating used in Changi Airport and HDB flats.

It is able to safeguard against viruses, bacteria, and fungi by mimics antimicrobial compounds, which kills germs upon contact.

Photo from Cow Play Cow Moo | FB.

Safe-distancing measures

The arcades have also been equipped with two-metre-long barriers between machines.

Photo from Cow Play Cow Moo | FB.

Photo from Cow Play Cow Moo | FB.

The arcade is known for their "old-school" style of playing, which includes ticket-spewing machines and plenty of claw machines.

Gamers can then exchanges these tickets for numerous prizes at their prize shop.

Entertainment venues not reopening in Phase 2

Activities that are likely to have large number of people that come into close contact with each other for prolonged periods of time will not be allowed to resume in Phase 2.

This includes entertainment venues like:

  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Karaoke outlets
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Indoor and outdoor attractions

Top Images from Cow Play Cow Moo | FB.