S'porean couple holds e-wedding in virtual Sentosa in Animal Crossing

Love in the time of circuit breaker.

Julia Yeo | June 02, 2020, 10:38 AM

While the circuit breaker in Singapore has come to an end, many things aren't going to just go back to normal in the foreseeable future, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to run amok worldwide.

This means lots of plans disrupted, including many couples who are planning to get married and have their wedding celebrations.

For one couple though, they've managed to hold a wedding during the circuit breaker period, and even invited friends without flouting a single rule.

Couple holds virtual wedding in Sentosa's Animal Crossing island

"Newlyweds" Varian and Ruoyi decided to have a virtual wedding in Animal Crossing on May 30 (Sat), after their plans for a wedding were disrupted by the pandemic, forcing them to postpone their actual wedding ceremony.

Since the game's initial release on March 20, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has gained a massive following, becoming one of the most-played games on the Nintendo Switch, as players find the comfort of a peaceful island life amidst their slightly more chaotic reality.

While the physical island remains closed for now, virtual Sentosa opened its doors for the couple to recreate their special moments on Animal Crossing.

On the island, Varian and Ruoyi got the chance to hold an e-wedding ceremony and have a mini-photoshoot on Sentosa Crossing.

couple holds wedding in Sentosa's Animal Crossing island Photo via Sentosa

Here's a short clip of the couple exchanging their "vows", as officiated by "Sentosa" themselves:

The groom attempting to kiss the bride:

And of course, generous friends giving the couple their blessings, in the form of "angpows" (red packets).

We decided to ask Varian and Ruoyi about their e-wedding experience:

What made you come up with the idea to hold your wedding on Animal Crossing?

Our actual wedding ceremony was initially supposed to be held on the 30 May 2020. However, due to the unfortunate current situation, we have to postpone our wedding.

Photo via Varian and Ruoyi

We thought that by getting married virtually in virtual Sentosa, this will serve as a great reminder to us on what we have gone through and also give us a reason to celebrate this date.

Even though crucial events are postponed, we still want to continue living our life and celebrate important milestones regardless of situations.

When did you guys know that the other was "the one"?

We first met in polytechnic. I was a Year 1 orientation group leader and she was in the organising committee.

We knew we were the one for each other after we talked about our goals in life and realised we had similar visions.

ruoyi and varian Photo via Varian and Ruoyi

After spending time together, we just knew that we are able to bring out the best in each other and grow together in both character and age.

Tell us your favourite couple memory of the actual Sentosa!

Our favourite memory is definitely USS! We've been to USS quite a number of times and have even celebrated birthdays there! We love to take photos and go on the rides from morning all the way till closing. Can never forget the pizza too!

What were some of the festivities that you planned for your e-wedding on Sentosa Crossing?

We just wanted to have lots of pictures taken as a memory of what we went through during this period, and even though we were not able to hold a physical wedding in real life, these photos will be a great reminder.

We have invited our close friends over to witness the virtual wedding and be part of our wedding celebration. The photos will definitely be shared during our physical wedding as well!

couple holds wedding in Sentosa's Animal Crossing island Photo via Sentosa

Could you give a run-through of your e-wedding?

We started off with a photoshoot on virtual Sentosa and once we were done, our friends “flew” over to the island for the virtual wedding.

Varian was standing at the wedding altar while the guests were seated waiting for Ruoyi to walk down the aisle. It was really fun acting out an actual wedding virtually!

Once done with the ceremony, we had an after party, followed by our friends exploring the island while we simultaneously took more photos together!

couple holds wedding in Sentosa's Animal Crossing island After-party. Photo via Sentosa

It was the most memorable virtual wedding that we could ask for.

What was your favourite part of your Sentosa Crossing experience?

Our favourite part of the virtual Sentosa experience is definitely the photoshoot.

We got to explore the island while taking photos. The island is really similar to the actual Sentosa Island, even down to minute details.

couple holds wedding in Sentosa's Animal Crossing island Butterfly park. Photo via Sentosa

It's really great to be able to visit the different places in Sentosa, even the bars and spa.

We also love the Le Méridien hotel! We got to experience the Onsen Suite for the first time as well.

couple holds wedding in Sentosa's Animal Crossing island Mini honeymoon. Photo via Sentosa

couple holds wedding in Sentosa's Animal Crossing island Photo via Sentosa

We've never had the opportunity to have a staycation there, but now we can say that we’ve been there virtually!

The Luge and beach clubs were also done up brilliantly, even the Siloso beach logo was identical.

Photo via Sentosa

How did your friends and family react when you guys told them that you were going to hold your wedding on the game? Are they going to be at your e-wedding?

We invited a couple of friends to join us in the game, and some friends streamed it live to more friends over a Zoom call! Everyone has been so excited to be a part of this event.

Do you guys plan on holding a physical wedding in future?

Yes! We definitely want to hold a physical wedding to celebrate the occasion with more friends and families.

However we are still waiting for the current situation to improve - we are hoping to be able to hold our wedding early next year!

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Top image via Varian & Ruoyi, Sentosa