S'poreans sing 'Home' in unison from HDB flats to cheer on healthcare & migrant workers

Time for all the bathroom singers to shine.

Joshua Lee | April 25, 2020, 08:16 PM

At around 7.55pm earlier today (April 25) Singaporeans took part in a mass karaoke session by belting out "Home" en masse all over the island.

The initiative, called "Sing Together Singapore!" called on residents to sing along to a recording of "Home" on television while waving a torch from their windows and balconies.

Here are some videos of the mass singalong with whoops, and shouts:


The recording of "Home" featured a 900-strong choir from Voices of Singapore (which you probably might have heard earlier in April) and celebrities like Taufik Batisah, Desmond Tan, Rebecca Lim, Shabir, and Vernetta Lopez.

This nationwide “karaoke” initiative is a collaborative effort led by the media industry and is also supported by Gov.sg and Nexus MINDEF.

It aims to rally everyone in Singapore in expressing their thanks and appreciation to frontline workers and migrant workers.

It also aims to encourage all Singaporeans to keep their spirits high and stay united during the circuit breaker.

Here's a really moving rendition of "Home" from a virtual choir:

More instances of S'poreans doing things en masse: