Circuit breaker: Orangutans at S'pore Zoo excitedly play with bubbles with no visitors around

Having a good time.

Julia Yeo | April 15, 2020, 03:59 PM

While some Singaporeans have been bored out of their minds staying indoors since circuit breaker measures kicked in on April 7, perhaps the Orangutans at the Singapore Zoo can teach us a few tricks on how to entertain ourselves at home.

Zookeepers surprise orangutans with bubbles

The Singapore Zoo, alongside Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park and River Safari, has closed since the start of the Circuit Breaker on Apr. 7.

With no visitors at the Zoo to keep the orangutans entertained, the zookeepers decided to change things up in their daily routine, surprising them with a shower of bubbles.

In a Facebook video uploaded by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the orangutans are seen happily playing with hordes of bubbles surrounding them.

Some even tried to eat the (child-friendly) bubbles.

Bino, one of the apes in the enclosure, seemed highly impressed by the Zoo's animal care team's little surprise for them.

A little fun to help stimulate their minds

The little injection of fun and excitement for the orangutans is thanks to the efforts of the animal care team, to help stimulate their minds while giving the apes a different form of play.

Besides the orangutans, the Zoo's penguins have also seen some changes to their routines.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore told Mothership that the penguins have been venturing out for strolls roughly two to three times a week during this period.

These walks serve as a form of enrichment as well, enabling them to discover new spaces, sights and sounds which keeps them mentally and physically stimulated.


Top image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore