Lace bra masks sell out immediately in Japan the moment it launches

Provides ample support for the face, perhaps.

Julia Yeo | April 21, 2020, 07:39 PM

Mask shortage in retail stores across Japan has become commonplace since the Covid-19 outbreak started more than two months ago.

Japanese fashion label makes lace bra masks

Fights and even one theft have resulted from the shortage of face masks in parts of the country.

To help alleviate the shortfall, many companies that aren’t usually involved in mask production have been entering the field, such as Singapore gaming brand Razer, which has started producing masks.

In Japan, apparel company Atsumi Fashion is producing reusable cloth masks.

More specifically, lace bra masks.

They come in various colours.

They also have simpler designs available, if lace isn't your style.

However, it seems that there's only one size for sale, according to the store's page on online marketplace Rakuten.

The mask costs 1,490 yen (S$19.80) each, but is currently sold out on Atsumi Fashion's online shop, Lingerie Lab, and on its storefront on Rakuten as well.

According to Soranews24, the fashion label only made 250 units in total for its first release, but due to the overwhelming response, the company has announced that a new batch of lace bra masks is underway.

Started off as a joke

While the lace bra mask idea started off as a half-joke, the prototype was met with a strong response on Japanese social media.

Even Japanese model and former Terrace House cast member Aya Kondo came by to visit the store, and wore the lace bra mask.

Atsumi Fashion added a disclaimer on its Rakuten storefront that the product was not meant to be a replacement for surgical masks, but can be thought of as an equivalent for cloth masks.

Top image via Atsumi Fashion/Twitter