S'pore bus commuters alight with safe distancing stickers stuck to bottoms

Hindsight 20/20.

Julia Yeo | April 12, 2020, 11:54 AM

Safe distancing stickers have been stuck on public transport across Singapore.

Safe distancing stickers rolled out on public transport

They look like this:

safe distancing sticker on smrt train Photo via Joshua Lee

safe distancing sticker on sbs bus Photo via Esther Tan/FB

Commuters should not sit where the stickers have been placed.

Stickers somehow stuck on commuters

Facebook user Esther Tan uploaded on Saturday (April 11) some photos of bus commuters who found themselves in a rather funny situation.

Tan, who posted only a face palm emoji with the photos, did not reveal if they were taken by her.

Her post has since gotten more than 7,600 shares, regardless.

Photo via Esther Tan/FB

Photo via Esther Tan/FB

The commuters seemed clueless about the extra baggage that they were alighting with.

While the stickers are usually cleanly pasted onto the seats, one was photographed to be peeling off, whether as a result of wear and tear or itchy fingers.

Photo via Esther Tan

While it is not clear how the stickers got stuck onto the commuters' bottoms, sitting where you are not supposed to appears to be one of the ways.

Might become a good way to deter people, though.

Top image via Esther Tan/Facebook