Amy Khor clarified why her deleted FB post featured 3 trays of eggs, after post drew flak

It must be egg-hausting to have to egg-splain yourself to those who don't know the full story.

Sumita Thiagarajan | April 11, 2020, 11:44 PM

Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State in the Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, took to social media to clarify why an earlier photo of her had multiple trays of eggs at what seemed to be her home.

Here is a screenshot of the original photo, which was posted yesterday (Apr. 10) and deleted earlier today (Apr.11):

Three large trays of eggs can be seen in the background. Each tray can hold up to 30 eggs.

Here is the photo which was used earlier today to replace the older photo:

Khor addressed concerns of eggs hoarding in another post

After her post drew flak for the number of eggs she kept, Khor took to Facebook to clarify the issue.

In a post this evening (Apr. 11), she explained that she has a large family of seven members.

Moreover, they do their grocery shopping about once a week.

She added that everyone in her family uses eggs on a daily basis for the following reasons:

  • Baking by four women (Khor's mother, Khor and her two daughters)
  • For dishes, such as mee siam, lontong, foo yong egg
  • Half-boiled eggs

Khor mentioned that one of her friends is a farmer and had brought the family extra eggs and vegetables to share with the family last week.

She hoped that her explanation clarified the issue and concerns over hoarding.

NTUC FairPrice has imposed purchase limits on eggs on Mar. 17.

Each customer can purchase up to three trays of 10 eggs, or one tray of 30 eggs.

Here's her full post:

I’m aware that there have been concerns over eggs in one of my recent Facebook posts, which has been removed just to prevent further misunderstanding, but please allow me to explain.

I live with a large family of 7 and we do our grocery shopping once a week, or sometimes even longer as all of us except my 90 year old mother are working. My mother, my two daughters and myself are fond of cooking and baking. In fact, even though my mum is 90 years old, she cooks every day and uses eggs quite often as a key ingredient, such as in dishes like mee siam, longtong, foo yong egg etc. My son and husband also regularly have half boiled eggs.

It also so happened that just the previous week one of our friends who is a farmer kindly brought some extra eggs and vegetables over to share with us as well.

This is a difficult period for everyone and I understand that some are concerned about the issue of hoarding but I hope this clarifies.

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