FairPrice imposes purchase limits: Max. 30 eggs & S$30 of poultry per customer

This is to ensure that as many customers have access to these items as possible.

Ashley Tan | March 17, 2020, 12:35 PM

NTUC FairPrice has imposed purchase limits on several essential goods.

This comes after the announcement of Malaysia's lockdown measures yesterday (Mar. 16, 2020) in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The lockdown, which kicks in on Mar. 18, appeared to have sparked some anxiety.

Long queues were seen at supermarkets around Singapore last night, with many shoppers stocking up on necessities and food.

New purchase limits per customer

A sign placed around stores on Mar. 17 though, announced that FairPrice is limiting the amount of daily essentials each customer can buy.

The sign stated that daily essentials remain available, and urged shoppers to "buy only what they need and not to stockpile".

The purchase limits include:

  • Paper products (toilet paper, facial tissues, kitchen towels): four units per customer
  • Instant noodles and pasta: two units per customer
  • Rice: two bags per customer
  • Eggs: three trays of 10 eggs, or one tray of 30 eggs per customer
  • Vegetables: S$30 per customer
  • Fresh poultry: S$30 per customer

These purchase limits were implemented to ensure that as many customers have access to these items as possible.

A sign at FairPrice at Our Tampines Hub. Photo by Tan Guan Zhen

The previous time purchase limits were imposed was on Feb. 9 after DORSCON Orange was announced.

The limits this time though, are more extensive and include eggs and fresh poultry, two products which are imported from Malaysia.

Stay calm guys, and buy responsibly.

Top photo from Tan Guan Zhen