Dormitory in Tampines is 5th dormitory gazetted as isolation area

There are 38 cases in the Tampines dormitory cluster, as of Thursday, Apr. 9.

Nigel Chua| April 10, 02:57 PM

Tampines Dormitory, located at 2 Tampines Place, has been gazetted as an isolation area. It is the fifth such dormitory to be gazetted.

According to the government gazette, this came into operation on Thursday, Apr. 9 2020, at 11.59 p.m.

The gazetting of Tampines Dormitory comes after a record 287 new cases of Covid-19 infections were announced in Singapore, on Apr. 9.

This includes more than 200 cases linked to foreign workers residing in dormitories.

Cluster at Tampines Dormitory

The cluster at Tampines Dormitory was announced on Apr. 5, when contact tracing revealed that three cases confirmed on that day (Cases 1193, 1226, 1299) were linked to two previous cases (Case 1049 and 1140), according to an MOH press release.

As of Thursday, Apr. 9, there are currently 38 cases in the cluster, according to MOH.

Significance of being gazetted as isolation area

People at isolation areas, including workers and operators, have to stay in their dormitories, with measures taken to reduce interactions.

MOM will assist the employers to ensure that these workers continue to be paid.

During the isolation period, three meals will be provided to all affected workers for free and they will get essentials such as masks, thermometers, hand sanitisers and snacks.

MOM will also facilitate remittance service as well as medical support on-site for these workers.

Other dormitories gazetted as isolation areas

The other four dormitories currently gazetted as isolation areas are:

  1. S11 Dormitory @ Punggol
  2. Westlite Toh Guan dormitory
  3. Toh Guan Dormitory
  4. Sungei Tengah Lodge

Foreign worker dormitory clusters

The number of Covid-19 clusters in Singapore involving foreign worker dormitories is growing.

At a press conference on Apr. 9, MOH's Director of Medical Services Kenneth Mak announced that preliminary links had been found between the Mustafa cluster, the Project Glory construction site, and five foreign worker dormitories.

Mak said that the rapid rise in infections was likely to have started at the Mustafa Shopping Centre, with workers who subsequently transmitted the virus to other dormitory residents, and their co-workers.

Steps taken to address situation in dormitories

In response to the current situation, all workers are required to remain in their dormitories, except those performing essential services.

Healthy workers are being moved out of dormitories into various alternative housing venues such as SAF camps and HDB blocks, among other measures.

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