Floral Garage delivered 'rotten' flowers on V-Day, said 'noiceeeee' when S'pore lady got bouquet late

These are separate incidents, by the way.

Mandy How| February 18, 11:19 AM

It's nice to receive flowers from your other half on Valentine's Day.

It might even be nicer to receive them on time and with minimal frustration.

That, however, was not the case for certain customers of local florist business Floral Garage on Feb. 14, 2020.

"Rotten" rose

For one woman named Shanice Lim, one of the roses she received turned "badly rotten" less than one day in.

According to Lim, she received bouquets from numerous other florists in the past, and none of them withered as fast as these roses did.

Lim added that Floral Garage "refuse[d] to do what’s right as a business owner", which was to offer a refund for spoilt or damaged goods. 

She also called them cheats and scammers.

These are some pictures she posted of the bouquet:

Lim brought up a similar incident in 2017, involving the same florist.

You can read more about the company's previous mess-up here:

"Noiceeeeeeeee," said the florist

And Lim wasn't the only one, either.

A Mothership reader known as Wong experienced a hiccup in her delivery timing, as well as poor service recovery.

In an email, Wong revealed that the flowers her partner ordered were supposed to be delivered by 5pm on Feb. 14, but she only received it at 6:15pm at the lift lobby of her office.

On top of that, it was a different bouquet from what her partner had ordered.

According to Wong, Floral Garage "completely" ignored her partner's messages, in addition to their "terrible" response to Wong herself.

Wong also noted that the company had turned off its Facebook reviews. A check on their page returns with no review section.

Here's the conversation between Wong and Floral Garage, in which the florist replied "noiceeeeeeeee" to Wong's complaint.

They then casually apologised for the "bad experience".

Wong also sent us a photo of the bouquet she got, versus what was shown online.

The florist did not immediately reply to Wong's partner's messages either:

Hurling vulgarities

In yet another incident, Florist Garage allegedly hurled a vulgarity at a customer who complained about their bouquet.

According to STOMP, the bouquet was supposed to be delivered on the morning of Feb. 14, but only reached at 5pm.

The customer also felt that the product deviated from what was presented on the website.

This was the exchange that allegedly took place:

More feedback

Some others shared their experiences from this year's Valentine's Day on the company's Facebook page as well:

Floral Garage responds

In response to queries by Mothership, Floral Garage said that in Lim's case, they "usually offer a full refund as the whole product is not presentable".

They added,

"We always do a quality check just before delivery. We always only use the freshest flowers. As a result, our wastage can go up to 30 per cent. We would never intentionally use rotten flowers.. This particular rose may have been already bad inside which we failed to spot. For that we are truly sorry."

Additionally, the company has also been facing some delays due to the Covid-19 situation, as many places needed temperature screening, which resulted in delays of up to "an hour or two ".

However, the couriers have tried their best and managed to deliver most of the orders, except for the few which were cancelled due to lateness, according to Floral Garage.

"Based on the complaints received on our end, they are few and far between. We are actually already in touch with these customers to address them. Some have been re-delivered at no cost, some refunded."

Top image via Shanice Lim, Mothership reader