American YouTuber says S'pore's vending machines best in the world

He had previously reviewed the vending machines in Tokyo and Taipei.

Kayla Wong| February 17, 05:53 PM

An American YouTuber has declared Singapore to have the best vending machines in the world.

Explored Singapore's vending machines after Tokyo and Taipei

In a video uploaded by 26-year-old Bobby Briskey onto his YouTube channel, LivingBobby, Briskey filmed himself going around Singapore to find the quirkiest vending machines on the island.

Briskey is known for his travel vlogs in which he reviews various trains and capsule hotels around the world, and challenges himself to survive for 24 hours in a city on just US$1 (S$1.39).

Briskey's Singapore stop comes after having previously reviewed the vending machines in Tokyo, Taipei and New York City.

Before he started his tour, Briskey said although most people think of Japan when they think about vending machines, and that even though the Japanese vending machine culture is unbelievable, he thinks Singapore "definitely has a lot of the best vending machines in the world".

He added that he came about the conclusion from his "own personal expertise".

Here are the vending machines he visited in Singapore:

Hot food vending machine

Briskey bought two packs of nasi lemak from what he called "one of the best hot food vending machines in the world".

He chose the fish one as well as he said he had never seen fish being dispensed from a vending machine before.

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

Briskey said he was "super impressed" with the fried egg that comes with the nasi lemak, saying it almost feels a bit scary to look at the egg as it looked like it was freshly cooked.

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

And while the outer skin of the fried chicken was not that crispy and had "some work to be done", he said the inside of the chicken was "wonderful".

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

Next comes a series of vending machines that he said were simply "mind-blowing".

Gold and silver vending machine

He went to a vending machine that dispenses literal gold bars, which was the most expensive one he had ever seen.

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

Salmon vending machine

He bought a frozen salmon fillet from a vending machine as well.

Well it was "not exactly the most luxurious thing in the world", he said it was "shocking" that he could buy real salmon from a machine.

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

Car vending machine

Briskey went to the Autobahn Motors' showroom at Bukit Merah as well, where the staff was kind enough to bring a Ferrari down for him to let him see how the "vending machine" works.

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

Snack vending machine

Briskey bought several snacks from the Chef In Box snack vending machines too.

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

While he liked most of the snacks, like the pizza-flavoured chips, he did not like the corn as much as it had a "plasticky" smell.

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

Pizza vending machine

As for the pizza he got dispensed warm from a vending machine, while he did not think it was a particularly great pizza, especially since he had pretty high standards as a "pizza snob", he was still impressed that it was an actual pizza he got from a vending machine.

Screengrab via LivingBobby/YouTube

You can watch his video here:

Top image via LivingBobby/YouTube