Youth film themselves riding bicycles in a deserted Plaza Singapura & shouting vulgarities

With the exception of Burger King, the rest of the stores appear closed.

Ashley Tan| January 21, 03:21 PM

A group of youths cycling inside Plaza Singapura has met with online backlash.

Rowdiness at Plaza Singapura

The 27-second clip, which appears to be filmed by a friend of the youths, was posted to Facebook page Complaint Singapore by one Raven Qiu.


In it, the person behind the camera can be heard introducing their surroundings by saying "Ahh, we're here in the mall enjoying Burger King."

When two other youths appear on bicycles and proceed to ride up the mall's travelator, the camera man appears to be "surprised".

He then follows the cyclists and shouts repeatedly, "Eh take note ah, eh take note ah, no riding in the f*cking mall!".

The group pushes past another person on the travelator, although it is not clear if they knew each other.

As one youth dismounts and pushes his bicycle up, the camera person slaps one of the youth on the back and reiterates, "Cannot bring bike in the f*cking mall, brother!"

Most of the surrounding shops in the mall, except for Burger King, appear to be closed.

Criticised online

Facebook users lambasted the youth in the comments section for their rowdy antics.

Some even described them as "young punks", and alluded to the inappropriate behaviours of those riding e-scooters.

Cycling indoors in commercial buildings is prohibited.

The only commercial building which cyclists can ride through is the newly reopened Funan Mall, which has a dedicated indoor cycling track.

Cyclists, however, are still encouraged to dismount from their bikes and push during the mall's operating hours, where human traffic is likely to be heavier.

Top photo from Raven Qiu / FB