Red packets with 'Woman Yelling at a Cat' design now available in S'pore

Money for vegetals.

Mandy How | January 15, 2020, 02:44 PM

In December 2019, "Woman Yelling at a Cat" red packets went viral in Malaysia:

While many expressed their interest in buying the red packets, it was sadly not an actual product for sale.

But not anymore as local webstore memebao has come along with the exact same design, coincidentally:

Photo via Memebao

The Chinese words read, “Nian Nian You Yu”.

The festive phrase, usually shouted during lou hei or uttered as a blessing, translates to “abundance every year”.

However, it also sounds like “every year got fish”, a common joke among households that celebrate Chinese New Year.

The pun lies in the character “yu”, as it sounds both like “abundance” and “fish”.

Bulk discounts

For now the red packets are selling at S$7.90 (down from S$9.90) for a pack of five — which may cost more than what you'll put inside a single red packet.

There's also a pre-launch promotion.

To get a discount, use the code "PRELAUNCH20OFF" for 20 per cent off, applicable to the first 100 customers.

If you buy a minimum of three packs, you'll get a bulk discount.

  • Minimum of three packs: S$5.90 each⁣
  • Minimum of five packs: S$5.40 each⁣
  • Minimum of 10 packs: S$3.90 each⁣

The price comes with free delivery via SingPost Standard Mail.

The store states that they will receive their stocks on Jan. 21, and all orders before Jan. 20 will be dispatched immediately to make it in time for Chinese New Year.

This appears to be their first product, as the site is currently not carrying anything else.

The brand describes themselves as "Singapore's First Memes Red Packet Store".

Top image via Memebao