Sqkii's new virtual treasure hunt game giving away S$81,542 in cash & over 400 prizes

The hunt for the missing box will run from now till March 31, 2020, depending on when the box is found.

Melanie Lim| January 11, 12:57 PM

Singaporeans might be familiar with Hunt The Mouse, the nation-wide viral cash hunt competition by local startup Sqkii.

On Jan. 6, 2020, Sqkii launched #WheresTheBox, a new interactive virtual treasure hunt game at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS).

Prizes to be won

From now till March 31, 2020, the first person to retrieve a missing blue box will receive any amount between S$41,582 and S$81,542 in cash.

Here's a hint as to what the missing blue box looks like:

Image via Sqkii

On top of that, players can stand to win more than 400 other attractive prizes, including Apple AirPods, Apple Watches, iPad Minis, Dyson Hairdryers, Nintendo Switches, Samsung Note 10+ and gold bars.

How to play

The game is free for all to play, and can be accessed via this link.

Players will be taken on an interactive journey with various characters located throughout RWS.

Interacting with each character reveals hints that leads players to the missing blue box containing anything between S$41,582 and S$81,542 in cash.

The cash prize will be for the winner to keep.

Scan the code and speak to the characters

The characters may be found in the form of eye-catching and colourful life-sized cut-outs, which will be placed throughout RWS, each accompanied with a unique QR code.

Players are required to scan the code to be transported to a virtual conversation with the characters.

Players will be presented with various options of interaction with these in-game characters, many of which come in the form of mice that have different personalities as we usher in the Year of the Mouse:

Image via Sqkii

Depending on each choice of interaction, the characters may provide hints, issue tasks, or deliberately hide information from the player.

Each participant is guaranteed a unique experience while playing the game.

Players can also choose from a list of options to communicate with each in-game character:

Image via Sqkii

To access the full version of the game developed by Sqkii, players require a virtual "Adventurer’s Badge" that can be obtained by downloading the Be.U mobile app.

With the Virtual Badge, players can unlock the full range of interactions with the characters, hence gaining a better chance to locate the missing box.

Without obtaining the virtual badge, a player’s interaction with the in-game characters will be limited:

Image via Sqkii

The game will start with 15 characters that have been released around RWS on Jan. 6, 2020 at 8:18pm.

More characters will be gradually introduced throughout the duration of the virtual hunt, while existing characters will be updated with new conversational options, adding depth to the gameplay.

The longer players take part in the virtual hunt, the more they stand to learn about the location of the missing box.

According to Mr. Kenny Choy, Co-Founder of Sqkii, "One’s outcome in the game will largely be determined by the choices they make in the game."

Therefore, players should choose their responses carefully.

Good hunting.

Top image via Sqkii