Employers getting feet washed by helper at Sembawang Hot Spring Park among actions that lack etiquette

Such actions make the park a 'lovely place' with 'ugly people'.

Mandy How | January 08, 2020, 08:28 PM

Sembawang Hot Spring Park re-opened on Jan. 4, 2020 to much fanfare.

Singaporeans were excited about being able to cook some eggs and soak their feet in hot water at the only hot spring in mainland Singapore.

As with all nice things that are public property, some things are bound to go wrong.

A certain lack of social etiquette from some visitors have been observed.

And these actions have seen been noted down by one Petunia Lee, who shared her observations on her blog.

Lee is a Singaporean author.

Feet washed by helper

According to the blog post, two adults were witnessed having their feet washed by a domestic worker.

This behaviour was labelled as "delusions of royalty", as it was incomprehensible how two able-bodied persons would make their employee do such a thing in public.

As citizens of a neighbouring country, foreign domestic helpers do not deserve to be disrespected in such a way, the blog post said.

She added that she was "ashamed" to be a Singaporean at times like this.

The visitors to the hot spring were also observed to not wash their feet before dipping them into the communal pool.

Photo taken by Ashley Tan on opening day.

This made Lee reluctant to join in.

"If the temperature of the water was comfortable for feet, then it surely is comfortable for fungal growth," she reasoned.

The same resistance to communal sharing was also extended to the wooden pails, which could habour fungal growth.

The most major turn-off was when Lee had to throw away the two eggs she was cooking in a pail as an elderly man had emptied his feet water into it.

Photo taken by Ashley Tan on opening day.

At the end of her post, Lee said that although the park is a "lovely place", the visitors appear unaware of how to behave.

You can read her article with additional observations here.

Top image by Ashley Tan


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