Police, LTA investigating enforcement officer kicking PMD rider off device incident at Bedok Reservoir

The action of the enforcement officer has been met mostly with praise.

Belmont Lay| December 11, 01:04 PM

The Land Transport Authority is investigating the incident of its enforcement officer seen on video kicking an e-scooter rider off his device along Bedok Reservoir Road.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

The rider was sent flying onto the pavement as a result of the kick.

A number of enforcement officers were engaged by the LTA to go to the Bedok Reservoir area to clamp down on errant riders of personal mobility devices (PMDs).

The incident at the traffic junction at Bedok Reservoir Road occurred at around 7pm.

LTA issued a statement on Dec. 11 evening:

Rider looked like he was evading officer

From the video, the rider could be seen initially travelling at significant speed on the right lane before filtering to the left lane, apparently in a bid to evade the enforcement officers.

The officer then raised a leg to side-kick the rider, who was proceeding to the junction without slowing down.

The rider and PMD were sent tumbling to the kerb and onto the pavement behind some shrubs.

He is seen getting up, but apparently fell down again.

The condition of rider is unknown.

PMDs have been banned from travelling on the roads and public footpaths in Singapore.

Reactions online mainly praise the decisiveness of the enforcement officer and even encouraged the taking of a hard stance against errant PMD users.

Those who disagreed with the actions said the enforcement officer should not have taken the law into his own hands.

The police are investigating the incident.