Mediacorp offering contracts to all 12 Star Search 2019 finalists in 'unprecedented move'


Mandy How| November 05, 03:07 PM

Star Search 2019 concluded on Sunday (Nov. 3), with 26-year-old Teoh Zetong emerging as champion.

Herman Keh, 23, and Ye Jia Yun, 17, came in second and third respectively.

The three were awarded a contract with Mediacorp, with Teoh also bagging an Audi.

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Hi its me again. The same me. Honestly this journey has been so fast. Learned alot throughout this journey and i know that this is only just the beginning. I really didnt expect myself to come in 2nd. At that time i was really contented with my performance during the competition and winning doesnt really mattered to me. I knew that i did my best !!! There is a lot of people to thank but i honestly appreciate each and everyone of you who have put in the effort to support me till today. Yes the road now is going to be tough but i am sure i will do my best at every moment, to be better. To be the best version of myself ❤❤❤ #StarSearch2019

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yesterday was so surreal✨ thank you family, friends and fans for the continuous support and well wishes❤️🥉 #StarSearch2019

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9 other finalists will also receive entertainment contracts

However, in an "unprecedented move" in Star Search history, Mediacorp will also be offering contracts to the remaining nine finalists.

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D-1 !!!! Much lovesssss to team Semi Final 1 ❤❤❤ Nervous but excited !!! LEGGO !!! Thank you @8dayssg for such a nice photo #StarSearch2019

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谢谢泂江哥之前的分享!比赛越来越近了,还有三天👌 #starsearch2019

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They are:

  • Kiki Lim, 17
  • Sheryl Ang, 20
  • Vanessa Ho, 20
  • Zhai Si Ming, 22
  • Zane Lim, 22
  • Tyler Ten, 23
  • Chang Hio Cheng, 25
  • Jernelle Oh, 25
  • Juin Teh, 29

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the past 4 months has been such a rollercoaster🎢 but watching everyone grow and improve day by day has rlly been so fruitful and rewarding. I’ve have learnt so much from u guys, thank you for guiding me and i’m so glad that i was given this opportunity to meet all of you WONDERFUL✨ and AMAZING🤩 people :”) thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me in this journey, words can’t explain how grateful i am for you guys❤️💜💛 not forgetting those who work tirelessly behind-the-scenes, our makeup artists, stylist, 校长 and many moree, thank you for always making us look our best!! even though there’s only half of us left, i believe that for some of us it is just the start of a new beginning!! DON’T GIVE UP and keep chasing your dreams💪🏼 and to my other 11 finalist, let’s all give our best and put up a good show for everyone on the 3rd of November!!! ٩( ᐛ )و 加油!加油!加油!我们可以的👍🏼💖 #StarSearch2019

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Head of The Celebrity Agency Ivy Low said that the 12 individuals have proven their "strong passion for acting" throughout the seven-month competition, which the company hopes to support and nurture with tailor-made programmes.

She added, “In the coming months, Mediacorp will continue to train them, as well as provide the environment and resources for them to blossom and become stars.”

To do so, the media giant will push a specially scripted title for the Star Search winners, named "All Around You《回路网》"

The show, which will screen on Toggle and Channel 8, features a group of "young social media experts whose jobs are to help clients manoeuvre and manipulate the intricate online universe, only to end up being entangled in their own trap".

Top image via Herman Keh and Teoh Zetong's Facebook


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