Serious allegations levelled against HK police on South Korea TV by man who claims to be HK police officer

He claims police deliberately delayed sending aid on night of Yuen Long attack.

Kayla Wong | November 15, 2019, 04:47 AM

An officer from the Hong Kong Police Force recently appeared on a South Korean TV show, revealing information that was previously not publicly known.

The show was produced by South Korea's national broadcaster Korean Broadcasting System.

While the man's face was concealed in the interview, his voice was not masked.

Screenshot via KBS video

Here are the allegations he made.

Police reclassified case of naked corpse found at sea to prevent further investigations

Regarding the naked body of 15-year-old Chan Yin-lam (Chrissy) being found in the sea off Tseung Kwan O, he said it is "extremely rare" to find a naked floating corpse in the first place.

Screenshot via KBS video

He further claimed that the internal department within the police had suspected it was a murder case then.

However, in their announcement to the public, they "only said they found a body", he said.

Meanwhile, the police changed the case to a body discovery in order to "prevent the homicide department from (conducting) further investigations".

Police deliberately arrived late when 721 Yuen Long attack happened

In response to the journalist asking if there were sufficient police resources to handle the situation on the night the mob attack happened on July 21 in Yuen Long train station, the police revealed that the force had deliberately delayed sending help to the scene.

"There was an order from upper management to Yuen Long district, to not go to the scene of the incident that early," he alleged.

"That's why no police showed up."

Police had arrived on the scene about an hour after emergency calls were first made.

The attackers, who were clad in white and were allegedly linked to the triads, had targeted commuters and demonstrators alike.

Police felt underappreciated by the public

The man who was interviewed further claimed that the reason behind the delay was due to a conscious decision made by the "upper management".

They had allegedly felt that "the public didn't think the police were important", and had "wanted to teach a lesson of having no police around".

He continued: "So they wanted to create a situation to show their importance."

"The intention was to make the public rely on the police once again," he said. "It was a political strategy."

Complaints about excessive use of force by the police started on June 12, when police fired rubber bullets and threw smoke bombs at demonstrators, and was caught on camera crowding around  a young protester and beating her up.

Two rape cases under investigation

On the allegations surrounding the infamous San Uk Ling Holding Centre, the man said in the interview that there are at least two incidents of protesters who claimed they were raped being investigated currently, which were "confirmed by medical staff".

He also claimed there are "many more" rape cases that took place at the detention centre.

In addition, he alleged that "serious injuries and brutal beatings" happened to protesters who were detained there.

What is happening at San Uk Ling?

There have been numerous claims that detainees suffered inhumane treatment and sexual violence at the hands of the police in the detention centre located in a remote area in Sheung Shui, which is just 1.5km away from the border with Shenzhen.

Detainees had reportedly been sent to the hospital with bone fractures and brain haemorrhages.

There have also been reports of delay in medical assistance to injured detainees, and lawyers being prevented from seeing the arrested protesters at the centre.

Police, on the other hand, have vehemently denied all of such allegations.

It was announced on Sep. 26 that the police would stop sending arrested protesters there, and would keep them at police stations instead, reported South China Morning Post.

You can see the clip here, along with English translations for the Cantonese parts.

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

You can watch the entire show in Korean here:

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