JJ Lin, Cyndi Wang & other celebrities grieve & pay tribute to late actor Godfrey Gao

'This is not how it's supposed to be.'

Julia Yeo | November 28, 2019, 01:01 AM

Taiwanese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao passed away at the age of 35 on Wednesday morning, Nov. 27, after collapsing during the filming of Chase Me, a Chinese reality show.

The actor's sudden death came as a shock to many, and triggered a mass grieving on social media.

Celebrities & friends of Gao paid tribute

Local celebrities and friends of Gao, including JJ Lin and Lawrence Wong, took to social media to mourn his death, expressing their shock and disbelief.


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he took these photos, even said he will show me around LA next time when i go. life is fragile and strong, cruel and compassionate at the same time. rest in peace my friend @godfreygao. 🙏🏻

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People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight. That’s who you are @godfreygao. Our industry has lost such an incredible talent but I believe his legacy will continue to shine and serves as an inspiration to the world! Rest in peace @godfreygao 💫🙏🏼

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I can't believe it... Gone too soon. RIP @godfreygao 😢

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Many of the tributes described Gao as a kind, gentle giant.

Taiwanese actress Joe Chen, who was Gao's co-star in Queen of SOP, paid tribute to the late actor on Weibo.

Joe Chen's tribute to late actor Godfrey Gao Photo via Weibo

"Life is unpredictable, gentle big boy...This world will miss you."

Fellow co-stars Cyndi Wang and Jiro Wang, from Momo Love also grieved for Gao.

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當熬夜變成敬業!當拼命當成應該時!什麼時候開始我們都被「敬業」二字綁架了,正常合理的訴求不敢提,怕被人冠上「事兒多」「矯情」的標籤。人微言輕,多的話不敢說,…今天的事太難過無法接受!人就這樣沒了⋯⋯跟翔翔認識多年,隨然沒有太多私交;但每次ㄧ起工作的他都給人溫柔敬業溫暖的陽光大男生!敬業固然重要!但前提都是请爱护自己為前題!當生命不在時誰來保護誰!各行各業都ㄧ樣!保護自己!愛護自己!人生無常... 該對自己好一點! 一路好走Godfrey🙏🙏🙏

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"When pulling all-nighters become professional! When giving your everything is taken for granted! Since when did we get kidnapped by this word called "professional", and don't even dare to even make reasonable requests, and fear that people will label us as "demanding" and "emotional"?

He's just gone, just like that... I've known Xiang Xiang for many years, even though we haven't had many personal exchanges, but every time when we work together, he's always been gentle, professional, and a sweet sunshine guy!

Of course, professionalism is important, but please remember to prioritise and protect yourself. Or else, there'll be nothing left to protect when your life is gone. This applies for all jobs and industries. Protect yourself! Love yourself! Life is unpredictable...be better to yourself!"

Gao's close friend, James Mao, a former professional basketballer posted on his Instagram Story:

Image via maomao31/IG

Other celebrities, including Simu Liu and Sonia Sui, who were acquainted with Gao, also paid tribute to the late actor.

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人生太無常了。 溫暖的大男孩,RIP。

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"Life is really too unpredictable.

Gentle big boy, RIP."


"Have a smooth journey."

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"My heart is broken."

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