Godfrey Gao, 35, dies after collapsing while filming reality show

He was heard repeatedly saying "I can't go on anymore" before he collapsed.

Julia Yeo | November 27, 2019, 11:51 AM

Taiwanese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao, 35, was officially declared dead on Nov. 27, 2019, after he collapsed while filming in China.

According to official sources, the doctors were unable to resuscitate the actor.

Film crew tried to resuscitate him with CPR

Gao was filming "Chase Me", a variety show in China at about 1:45am, when he collapsed.

ET Today reported that witnesses saw him looking very exhausted while running, and he repeatedly said "I can't go on anymore" in Mandarin before collapsing.

According to morning reports by Chinese media, Gao remained unconscious even after the film crew CPR was performed on him, soon after he collapsed.

His heart had allegedly stopped beating for three minutes, and only started beating again after 15 minutes of CPR.

He was sent to the hospital past 2am, ET Today reported.

Declared dead

Zhejiang News reported that Gao had passed away after doctors were unable to resuscitate him, according to official sources.

Statement from Godfrey Gao's entertainment agency


"On the dawn of Nov. 27, our beloved Godfrey collapsed during the filming of a show. After nearly three hours of emergency resuscitation, he has unfortunately left us. We are extremely saddened by this, and still cannot accept (that he is gone).

Thank you to our friends of the media, and to all of Godfrey's fans who were concerned about him. His manager and the rest of the crew have been accompanying him and have arranged the family to fly to China.

Please understand Godfrey's family's pain, and avoid disturbing them during this time of mourning. We will stand by and accompany Godfrey's family in settling relevant matters.

Thank you everyone."

Top image via @godfreygao/IG