1st half of Oct. 2019 weather to be confusing, above 35°C with intense thunderstorms

There will also be some slightly hazy conditions on a few days.

Ashley Tan| October 02, 06:44 PM

The first half of October 2019 will be wild and contrasting.

This could result in some contrasting weather, with some days particularly warm, and others experiencing intense thundery showers.

Thunderstorms on some days

The first half of October will see the gradual ending of the Southwest monsoon and the start of the inter-monsoon period, and rainfall is expected to be slightly above normal during this stretch of the month.

Inter-monsoon conditions are characterised by light winds, and thunderstorms that are sometimes intense.

This is due to the light winds, high moisture, and strong day-time heating of the land, which makes it conducive for the development of thunderstorms.

The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) forecast that lightning activity tends to be higher during the inter-monsoon period.

There will also be some brief thundery showers over Singapore as well, and these will occur mostly in the afternoon on eight to 10 days in the coming two weeks.

This is due to the position of the monsoon rain band over the equatorial Southeast Asia region since late September 2019.

On a few of these days, the showers can be expected in the late morning to early afternoon, so remember to bring your umbrellas out for lunch.

Warmer weather and slightly hazy conditions

Despite the forecast of rain, MSS predicted that the coming two weeks are likely to be warm, with daily maximum temperatures exceeding 35ºC on some days.

On most days though, temperatures will range between 25ºC and 34ºC, so do break out your sun block and hats.

Those living in the east and south of Singapore had better turn on their fans and air-conditioning too, because night-time temperatures are expected to be warmer as well, with minimum temperatures of 27ºC on some days.

In the coming fortnight, the increased rain showers in most of Southeast Asia are likely to ease the haze situation, and thus the possibility of haze affecting Singapore is pretty low.

However, MSS predicted that Singapore might experience slightly hazy conditions on a few days, especially in the early morning.

This is due to the light wind conditions, allowing particulate matter to accumulate in the atmosphere.


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