S'pore food stall goes out of their way to find man after free meals went uncollected for 3 days

He lives alone and does not really mingle with his neighbours.

Syahindah Ishak| October 29, 02:49 PM

Vegetarian food stall, Mummy Yummy Singapore, is known for some of their community initiatives.

They also personally deliver free food straight to the needy.

While some might consider personally carrying out the deliveries a bit of a hassle, especially with all the food delivery services nowadays, that personal touch was very much needed in this instance.

On Oct. 27, Mummy Yummy shared the story of Grandpa Raja.

One of Mummy Yummy's beneficiaries, Raja, did not collect his free meals for three consecutive days.

The local food stall thought that something tragic might have happened.

Lives alone

According to the post, Raja, 85, lives alone in his flat and does not mingle with his neighbours.

He rarely leaves his house and would sit by the gates everyday, waiting for the food to arrive.

Did not collect his meals

However, Mummy Yummy stated in the post that Raja did not collect his meals one day.

He was subsequently placed on Mummy Yummy's alert list.

After three consecutive days, the meals were still left hanging on his door.

Sensing something was amiss, Mummy Yummy personnel went down to Raja's flat.

Nowhere to be found

The police was also called for assistance.

"When the police officers arrived, they started to do screenings and interviewed us, getting some detailed information and talked to the neighbours (sic).

After confirming it might be a missing person or house accident, civil defence personnel was activated to break into the flat."

Photo via Mummy Yummy's Facebook.

Photo via Mummy Yummy's Facebook.

Mummy Yummy stated that Raja was not in his flat.

Photo via Mummy Yummy's Facebook.

The police continued to search for him.

Photo via Mummy Yummy's Facebook.

What happened

Six hours later, Mummy Yummy received a call from Raja himself.

Apparently the Police had located and sent him home.

"We asked grandpa what actually happened to him and he said he got no money to take bus home (sic) and he couldn’t walk back home.

During the few days his mobile was switched off and uncontactable because of flat battery.

He is also scared of asking money from strangers thinking that he might get caught and sent to jail for it."

Importance of free food initiative

Mummy Yummy used this incident to highlight the importance of its free food initiative.

"With this initiative, we can better monitor what our beneficiaries is going through daily and when incidents do happen, we are able to response (sic) quickly and efficiently.

End of the day, grandpa is back safely and continues to wait for our food at his house gate but this time with a broad smile!

Mission accomplished."

Top photos via Mummy Yummy/FB.


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