Lady at MBS says driver cannot park properly, turns out her car wasn’t even in real parking spot

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Tanya Ong| October 02, 12:34 PM

On Oct. 1, a woman left a note behind for a fellow driver at the Marina Bay Sands car park, telling the driver to "learn to park properly".

The incident took place at the south zone of the B4 car park.

"Learn to park properly"

According to a dashboard camera video uploaded by Facebook group SG Road Vigilante, the lady appeared to be taking photos of the parked vehicle, which is a Volvo.

FB/SG Road Vigilante

She can be seen leaving a slip of paper on the vehicle.

Apparently, this is a photo of the politely-worded note, suggesting that the driver "learn how to park properly".

FB/SG Road Vigilante

I think you need to learn how to park properly especially when parking lots here are extremely limited. I had to get out from the other side. Thanks!

Her car was not parked in a parking space

In the video, several other photos were also shared.

One photo showed the space next to the parked Volvo, where a blue Mazda is parked extremely close to the wall.

It is believed that the Mazda was driven by the lady captured in the dashboard camera footage.

FB/SG Road Vigilante

FB/SG Road Vigilante

From one of the photos, however, it turns out that the blue Mazda was, in fact, not in a proper parking space at all.

Unlike the other spaces with white lines delineating the parking spot, this one had none.

FB/SG Road Vigilante

Oh well.


Top photo composite image, screenshots via FB/SG Road Vigilante.

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