Squeezy space at MBS basement 4 car park was allocated spot but not anymore

It was demarcated as a lot.

Mandy How |Melanie Lim | October 3, 2019 @ 05:43 pm


On Oct. 1, a woman became a subject of much discussion online after she left a note informing a fellow driver to “park properly”.

Lady at MBS says driver cannot park properly, turns out her car wasn’t even in real parking spot

Her entire note read:

“I think you need to learn how to park properly especially when parking lots here are extremely limited. I had to get out from the other side. Thanks!”

But it turned out that the woman was not exactly parked in a proper parking spot.

Some online commenters, who were more forgiving, acknowledged that the spot was rather misleading.

The commenters were right: Although there are no longer any white lines to mark out the spot, a sensor overhead might have given the impression that it is still a vacant lot.

Photo by Melanie Lim
Photo by Melanie Lim

In addition, the allocated number for the parking space appears to have been removed.

The two parking spots to the left are number 54 and 53:

Photo by Melanie Lim

When it came to the space where the woman parked her Mazda, the number has been removed.

Photo by Melanie Lim

Another view of the space does reveal that it is indeed a tight spot.

Photo by Melanie Lim

To reiterate: The parking spot is no longer available, despite having a sensor above it giving the impression that it is vacant.

As for when the lot was removed, it remains unknown.

Mothership has reached out to Marina Bay Sands and will update this article when they reply.

Top image by Melanie Lim

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