Sambar deer attempted suicide in S'pore as it tried to cross busy BKE on Friday evening

Proverbial deer in the headlights.

Belmont Lay| September 23, 05:22 AM

It appears Sambar deer in Singapore have been making mad dashes across the roads in recent times, in some strange attempts to get to the other side.

Their harrowing attempts and inexplicable need to cross empty and busy roads alike have been caught on camera and make for both harrowing and bizarre watching.

In the latest incident captured on Friday evening, Sep. 20, 2019, one Sambar deer in Singapore literally became the proverbial deer in the headlights when it tried to cross Bukit Timah Expressway -- but only to chicken out at the last second:

Its road crossing attempt was unsuccessful, as it sensed danger with an oncoming vehicle having to slow down to accommodate it, and it immediately turned back towards the safety of the road shoulder.

It is unclear if the Sambar deer survived to only try it another time.

Another deer got hit

But not all deer are this fortunate.

The next night on Saturday, Sep. 21, a motorcyclist hit a deer along Upper Thomson Road.

The motorcyclist was hospitalised.

The condition of the deer was unknown as it retreated back into the forest.

There are believed to be less than two dozen Sambar deer left in the wild in Singapore.

More deer accidents in Singapore

The frequency of Sambar deer getting hit on roads appear to have been increasing.

It could be due to a combination of factors, such as habitat disturbance, as well as the ubiquity of dashboard cameras these days.

A bizarre incident happened in March 2019 when a Sambar deer ran and crashed into a motorcyclist along an empty Upper Thomson Road at night.

Another Sambar deer leapt out of nowhere in front of a taxi along Mandai Road in broad daylight in January 2018:

Other incidents include: