Video of woman abusing puppy was filmed in 2014, culprits already sentenced to life in jail

The women in the videos were not charged in exchange for testifying against the masterminds.

Kayla Wong | September 16, 2019, 06:23 PM

A video of a woman breaking a puppy's limbs and using a lit cigarette to burn its eyes has been circulating online recently, which led to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore appealing for information on its origins.

Culprits already jailed

It turns out the video is a clip shot in the Philippines back in 2014, and the culprits responsible for filming and distributing such "crush" videos have already been arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.

"Crush" videos are produced for people with sick fetishes in which they enjoy seeing animals suffer by being "crushed".

SPCA Singapore, which first appealed for information on the animal abuser on Aug. 31, later updated its original post with the new revelations about the people behind the video.

In case you can't see it:

Screenshot via SPCA Singapore

According to, the couple, Dorma and Vicente Ridon, both 54 years old at the time of their arrest, were convicted of human trafficking, child abuse, cruelty to animals and violating wildlife protection laws.

Screenshot via YouTube

In addition, SPCA Singapore said the operation that the couple ran, which produced several videos of unspeakable cruelty done to animals, had been shut down by PETA Asia and the Philippine authorities.

Women in videos not charged

SPCA Singapore also said they were informed the women in the videos were victims of human trafficking, and that some of them testified against the Ridons, which helped to strengthen the prosecution's case.

As a result, no charges were filed against the women.

Mastermind behind videos allegedly an Australian man

In addition, Vicente Ridon had told a regional court in the Philippines that the videos were requested by and sold to an Australian man who went by the names "Mick Tanks" and "Michael Clark".

They had allegedly met while playing online video games in 2007, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

According to, the man had first requested for a video of a person riding a water buffalo -- a role which the Ridons' housemaid had volunteered for.

Animals crushed, skinned alive

The scripts the Ridons claimed they later received involved scantily-clad girls and women performing acts of cruelty on animals, such as stomping on dogs while wearing high heels.

ABS-CBN also reported that the couple produced videos of puppies crushed until they vomited their own internal organs, and rabbits being skinned alive and set on fire.

An actor was a girl as young as 12 years old.

PETA Asia said in 2014 they were focused on finding the man and the people who bought the videos.

It is not known if they have already been found.

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