Pritam Singh & Tan Cheng Bock socialise at Workers' Party National Day Dinner 2019 in Hougang

Is this what opposition unity looks like?

Belmont Lay| September 01, 04:05 AM

The Workers' Party held their 2019 National Day Dinner at Block 324 Hougang Avenue 5 on Saturday, Aug. 31.

The annual event is a major highlight for WP supporters who get to purchase seats at the dinner table to show their support for Singapore's opposition party with a presence in Parliament.

Workers' Party & Progress Singapore Party meeting of minds

The 2019 edition of the dinner has ignited some interest among political watchers and opposition supporters, as former PAP MP Tan Cheng Bock and his Progress Singapore Party members were also present, having bought seats to a whole table at the dinner.

In a Saturday night Facebook post, just past 10pm -- mere minutes after the dinner -- Pritam thanked Tan and his party for making it, and revealed that both party leaders "discussed that 'September election' over a Blue Hammer cocktail".

Pritam even helpfully provided the ingredients mix for the "Blue Hammer Cocktail Recipe".

Photos of PSP & WP

A series of photos have since been uploaded to Facebook by PSP, which showed Tan and former WP chief Low Thia Khiang shaking hands:

via Progress Singapore Party Facebook

Here are other photos of WP and PSP at the dinner:

via Progress Singapore Party Facebook

via Progress Singapore Party Facebook

via The Online Citizen

via The Online Citizen

Pritam's toast to supporters and Singapore

The dinner also saw Pritam raise a toast to supporters and residents alike, as well as to Singapore.

Pritam, alongside other WP MPs and NCMPs on stage raising their glasses of Blue Hammer Cocktail -- except Faisal Manap -- said:

"This first toast is to all of you and to all our supporters all over the island."

"This is a toast to your health."

"The second toast is to the residents of Aljunied and Hougang town."

"Thank you for walking this journey with us, towards a more balance and compassionate Singapore."

"And the final toast is to our beloved Singapore. May she always prosper and may she always be your home that we are proud of."

Workers' Party's pledge to work for a better Singapore

Pritam has just come back from Bangkok, where he was one of 12 MPs together with those from the PAP, who attended the 40th General Assembly of Asean Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (Aipa).

Pritam explained WP's bipartisanship position, which was to maintain a broadly united front with the PAP when representing Singapore overseas.

This was done for the betterment of the country, and putting party above politics and country.

2015's WP National Day Dinner highlights: