Workers' Party skipped National Day Rally to attend grassroots dinner with residents. The mood was rambunctious.

This atmosphere is a prelude to the real deal when General Election comes around.

Belmont Lay| August 24, 01:46 AM

All photos by Edwin Koo unless otherwise stated.

The Workers’ Party (WP) Members of Parliament (MPs) did not attend the National Day Rally 2015 (NDR) on Aug. 23, as it occurred on the same evening as their grassroots SG50 Celebration Dinner with some 1,800 residents.

Organised by the WP Grassroots Committee (WPGC) at the open field at Block 814 Hougang Central, the WP previously explained that this dinner was organised late last year before the date of NDR was confirmed and invites were sent out.

Whether it was pure coincidence or excellent foresight as a result of politically-savvy decision-making, there was no doubt WP missing out on NDR is the best outcome possible.

Check out Singaporean academic Cherian George's reading of the situation:

And ex-Straits Times editor Zuraidah Ibrahim's take on this year's NDR:

But one thing is for sure: The nine Workers' Party MPs not having to sit through a few hours of PAP political posturing at the NDR meant that they could be greeted in their own back yard like this:

href="">The Workers' Party MPs greeted by crowd at SG50 Celebration Di...A boisterous reception for the nine Members of Parliament from The Workers' Party, who skipped the National Day Rally 2015, as they made their way to the SG50 Celebration Dinner held at the open field at Hougang Central. #NDRsg

Posted by on Sunday, August 23, 2015

The atmosphere was highly charged as the crowd chanted "Workers' Party!" the moment the MPs stepped into the dining area:

href="">Dinner crowd chants "Workers' Party!" at SG50 Celebration Dinn..."Workers' Party!" chant broke out the moment the WP MPs stepped into the tentage dining area. Some 1,800 residents were in attendance. The nine WP MPs had skipped the National Day Rally 2015 to be at this event. #NDRsg

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Here are some photos that summed up the WP dinner where residents were treated to food, lucky draws and performances:

Workers' Party MPs greeted like rock stars the moment they arrived:



Crowds were gathered to watch the night's proceedings from the sideline, giving an election rally feel:



Chen Show Mao just being himself with the residents:




Sylvia Lim doing likewise:


Party chief Low Thia Khiang a perpetual favourite:


Png Eng Huat performed Speedy Gonzales:


A yum seng to end the night:


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