Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong arrested again, this time at airport

He was allowed to travel to Taiwan.

Belmont Lay | September 9, 2019 @ 11:11 am


Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung was arrested at Hong Kong International Airport on Sunday morning, Sept. 8 as he was leaving for Germany and the United States to give speeches and interviews.

His was arrested for breaching his bail conditions.

Police said relevant department staff informed them about Wong’s intention to go overseas.

Police were informed at 8.10am.

Wong would appear at Eastern Magistrates’ Courts on Monday.

He was arrested on suspicion of breaching bail conditions.

Wong’s statement

“I believe the ridiculous circumstance I’m facing now is a direct consequence of political prosecution and arrest,” the secretary general for Demosisto said in a statement released through his lawyer.

In his statement, Wong said preliminary legal advice suggested the court had acknowledged and approved his trips to Germany and the US when it granted him bail.

“Therefore, it is believed there are some mistakes on the bail certificate,” the statement read.

Wong said he expected he would be released after the Monday hearing.

The statement also said: “I’m also [unhappy] at the police’s decision to detain me overnight, despite a clear procedural hiccup, which is utterly unreasonable.”

Wong said he believed the incident was nothing personal, but it reflected the maladministration of the government.

Wong had travelled to Taiwan on Sept. 3, 2019 to talk about Hong Kong and sought Taiwanese help.

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Previous arrest

Wong was previously arrested on Aug. 30, but was released on bail later in the day.

He was held briefly by police on three charges of organising, inciting and taking part in an illegal assembly during a siege of the police headquarters in Wan Chai on June 21.

During the June 21 siege, thousands of demonstrators barricaded entrances and pelted the building with eggs.

The demonstrations had turned rowdier by then as protesters made their demands for a complete withdrawal of the extradition bill and an exoneration of those arrested in previous clashes.

The Hong Kong government announced on Sept. 4 the bill would be withdrawn.

Wong joined Hongkongers to protest against the government the moment he was released from prison on June 17.

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