Joanne Peh describes nude scene with male actor to husband Qi Yuwu like she’s buying cai png

Peh spoke quite candidly about her experience.

Mandy How | September 26, 2019 @ 09:09 pm


Local actress Joanne Peh, 36, made waves when she announced her first-ever nude scene on Sep. 26 morning.

Joanne Peh goes nude for toggle drama with Taiwanese model Jeff Chou, a ‘big step’ for her

She plays a ruthless brothel boss in Last Madame, a M18 drama set in the 1930s.

Peh’s partner for the nude scene was Taiwanese model Jeff Chou, who plays a police inspector in the series.

The 12-part drama is now available on Toggle.

The actress wrote that it took her a “long time” to decide if she wanted to do it, and although it was a big step for her, going nude made sense in terms of character motivation and in the context of the story.

Many might wonder how Qi Yuwu, her husband of five years, took to the news.

But he does not appear to be too bothered by it.


Speaking to Toggle previously, Peh said that she had informed her husband about the bed scenes beforehand.

Qi had reportedly thought, “Aiyah, how far could it possibly go?”

In fact, Peh even told Toggle to approach Qi directly if they wanted to know how he felt.

Filming the scene

When Peh got home from filming the scene, Qi asked her how it went.

And the actress gave the most nondescript reply possible:

“‘[…] I said, [It was] okay. Like that lor.’ Then when he asked me to describe it, I said, ‘Kiss, kiss, kiss; do, do, do. Like that lor!’”

As for Peh herself, the scene actually wasn’t awkward to film.

She said that the production team was “very protective” of her, and “kept asking if everything was okay”.

But Peh was getting into character then, and didn’t want to worry about other things.

She told Toggle that they had taken the necessary precautions and communicated about the scene prior to filming it.

Peh and Chou also trusted each other as professionals:

“Once you get past that, the next thing you want to do is focus on your emotions, which you can’t really do if you’re being concerned about this and that showing half the time.”

The actress added that she had a lot of chemistry with Chou, and found it comfortable to work with him.

Chou’s thoughts

Of his experience, Chou said that it was “nerve-racking” and “incredibly vulnerable” to work on the scene with Peh.

Nonetheless, he is thankful to Peh for her patience and trust, and for the opportunity to go beyond his comfort zone.

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Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except the mind – Dale Carnegie Nobody wants to have their most private moments exposed – least of all for it to be captured on film! My first time filming this intimate scene with @joannepeh was nerve-racking and I felt incredibly vulnerable. We needed a balance of making the scene look believable, but also respecting the cast and crew working on the project. Asking us to bare it all for the screen was a big deal – but we believed in the vision and wanted to take the story deeper to tell how two people could learn to love under impossible conditions. I preoccupied myself with workouts to stay in shape while juggling a busy filming schedule – in the end, it was my mindset that needed to be changed. Thank you to Joanne for your patience & trust, and I’m grateful to @ochrepictures for this opportunity to push me beyond my comfort zone and grow past my fears. [link in bio] Check out the link for the uncensored version ? #toohotforinsta Binge the rest of the show on Toggle now! https://bit.ly/2lHwd44 #lastmadame #togglelm #ochrepictures #catwalkasia #steamy #maturecontent

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