Thais speculate on culprits behind Friday's bombing incidents, not discounting own govt

How daring.

Kayla Wong| August 03, 10:02 PM

A series of explosions happened in Thailand's Bangkok on Friday morning, Aug. 2, 2019.

At least four people were injured at two separate locations.

The bomb squad was called in, and Thai police are currently investigating the incidents.

Thais speculate

While no one has claimed responsibility for the bombings yet, Thais have taken to Twitter to discuss their theories about who the culprits behind the incidents can be.

Military government itself?

Suspicion, among some Thais, have fallen on the military government itself led by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

A few hours shortly after the bombings were reported, he released a statement condemning those behind the "situation that damaged peace and the country's image".

He also said he has instructed officials to "take care of public safety and those affected promptly".

Thais respond to their govt via Twitter

Several Twitter users responded to Prayuth's statement with sarcastic tweets of their own.

While not specifically mentioning the prime minister, their comments -- disguised using sarcasm -- implied their suspicions that the government was behind the incidents.

"The person who did this and the person behind it is a terrible human. I hope they suffer horrible horrible deaths, their ancestors end in ruins, and their descendants never succeed in life. Wow I got so angry talking about this. Hope you find the culprit soon, good sir."

"I hope whoever planted the bomb and incited chaos suffer horrible death, thank you."

"Do you think we're stupid? We eat grass not rice!" (eating grass = buffalo = stupid)" -- reference to a Thai joke.

"The government when they catch the culprit."

Bolder speculation

Away from Prayuth's Twitter account, Thai netizens were slightly more daring when voicing their suspicions.

The following tweet received one of the highest number of retweets -- more than 22,000 in under 12 hours.

"Now that we've seen a lot of bombings, I've started to feel suspicious.

It seems like they're intentionally creating chaos. Seems very out of place and awkward.

I feel bad for the people who are always the victims in every situation like this.

I curse those, on whichever side, who did this to rot in hell and may their lives turn crappy."

"They must be very good to be able to plant the bomb in front of the Army HQ and get away with it. Or is it because our army is incompetent?"

"Isn't this according to the plan they have been using every year. After this, (a bomb) should be at some courthouse. From what I've seen, (the bombs) were planted in all the same areas. Same pattern every year."

(Reply underneath) "The pattern is:

- Siam area

- 1-2 major government offices

- Office of the Royal Thai police area

- A court of justice

- By the BTS line to maximise intimidation effect

It has always been like this since years ago. Watching the news every year, it has always been these areas.

"The country where people are more suspicious of the government than the terrorists."

"How daring, in this day and age where we have the National Council for Peace and Order, the government leader from the army, they still dare to plant bombs in the same day.

Wow so daring."

Muslim separatists from the "deep south"?

Another theory that a Thai government official put forth is that "religious fundamentalists" from the three southern provinces of Thailand were behind the fake bombs found a day before on Thursday, Aug. 1.

Speaking to local media Khaosod, an official said the government has already caught the two culprits when they were on the bus to Chumpon, a southern province.

That area is known for Muslim separatists in the predominantly Buddhist country.

Twitter users doubt government's statement

However, many Thais expressed their doubts about the statement via Twitter, saying that the ones who were caught became scapegoats for the government instead.

"Wow that's so obviously not a (goat emoji)."

"National animal, goat."

"The deep south are gonna be made the scapegoat again, damn it. This country only has one pattern. Are there news saying something about the escape to the south yet?”

Previously, in a bombing that happened in 2017 that wounded 24 people, the Thai army blamed groups that were opposed to the military government.

A less popular theory posited by some, however, was that the opposition was behind the bombings to discredit the government.

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