Man in Spain feels the pain throwing fridge off cliff onto the plains. Police made him drag it back up again.

He was also fired from his job.

Ashley Tan| August 07, 02:16 PM

A man in Spain was filmed happily tossing an old fridge off a cliff while joking about how he was "recycling" it.

His actions caught the attention of the Spanish police.

And it appeared the authorities had more in mind than just a slap on the wrist for the man.

Joked about recycling

Footage, presumably captured by the man's friend, showed the fridge tosser standing at the side of a road and tipping a white fridge down a ravine in Almeria, Southern Spain.

While doing so, both men joked in Spanish about how they were "recycling" it, saying "let's see how many flips it can do".

The fridge can be seen tumbling all the way down to the bottom off the cliff as the men laughed.

Punishment meted out

The man who threw the fridge was quickly identified by Spanish civil guard police after his video went viral.

The 24-year-old was apparently working for a company that recycled domestic electronic equipment, reported The Guardian.

Not only was the man fined a hefty €45,000 (S$69,835.73), he was ordered by the police to haul the entire fridge back up the steep cliff as part of his punishment.

The painstaking feat was also filmed by the police, who subsequently uploaded it to their Twitter on July 31, 2019.

The man, alongside another person, can be seen trying to drag the fridge up the cliff's rocky jagged surface with the help of a rope.

The video made the rounds on Twitter, racking up over 70,000 views and 2,300 likes.

The offender was also reportedly fired from his job at the waste management company, and faces possible sanctions of up to €300,000 (S$465,571.50).

Company allegedly did not dispose of waste properly

Subsequent police investigations into the firm found that other electronics were not disposed of properly as well.

Police discovered 50 washing machines and 20 fridges left outside undisposed, The Guardian reported.

The owners of the company were also reportedly unable to provide evidence that the machines were being sent to proper recycling facilities.

The police also shared a second video on Aug. 1, allegedly of another man tossing a washing machine down a hill in a separate incident.

According to Daily Mail, the investigation into this incident is still open.

Top photo from AUGC Guardia Civil / Twitter and Diario de Almería / YouTube