S’pore-registered BMW passengers shamed for using bodies to reserve parking lot in M’sia

Not the right way to behave in other countries.

Belmont Lay | August 14, 04:25 am


“Chope” culture, otherwise known as “reservation culture”, is one of the quintessential Singaporean practices.

However, it appears some overzealous Singaporeans who ventured into Malaysia ended up bringing this habit with them — to the annoyance of Malaysians.

Used bodies to reserve parking lot

The alleged anti-social, uncultured, and uncivil behaviour exhibited by the passengers of a Singapore-registered car occurred in Petaling Jaya, Selangor — a four-hour drive from Singapore.

The incident took place right outside the famous Cow Brother Kafe.

Incident recounted in tweets

The incident was relayed via a series of tweets on Aug. 11 by Sumisha Naidu, a journalist who used to work for CNA.

Sumisha wrote that the group of passengers from a Singapore-registered BMW car ran ahead into a parking lot and reserved it with their bodies.

The group then allegedly told Sumisha, who had wanted to park in the lot: ““If you don’t move, you’ll cause a jam.”

The group apparently then took note of Sumisha’s car plate number, possibly in a bid to intimidate her.

They only walked off when Sumisha took photos of them:

These are the series of tweets:

Sumisha’s initial tweet blew up and was retweeted more than 3,000 times.

Some clarifications

She subsequently tweeted some clarifications, such as not realising that the white BMW vehicle was actually a Singapore-registered car, and that she was glad for the support and shared outrage, but did not want it to descend into a racial thing.

Illegal to reserve a lot

Subsequent retweets and replies by Malaysians then highlighted that reserving a parking lot is, in fact, illegal in Malaysia:

Other replies egged Sumisha to report the matter to Malaysian authorities as she had the Singapore-registered vehicle’s number, while other internet sleuths allegedly found information pertaining to the white BMW’s road tax status.

You can read the original tweets here separately:

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