S$197,000 of heroin seized in island-wide drug bust, 7 men arrested

2,778g of heroin is enough to feed the addiction of about 1,323 abusers for a week. 

Jason Fan | August 08, 2019, 10:11 PM

A drug trafficking syndicate was crushed after the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) arrested seven men and confiscated 2.8kg of heroin, worth close to S$197,000.

Image from CNB.

Suspects arrested at Bukit Merah and Dover Drive

On Aug. 5, CNB officers were deployed to Buona Vista to observe a 58-year old Singaporean, who was believed to be the syndicate leader.

The first suspect, a 52-year-old Singaporean, was spotted meeting up with the suspected syndicate leader at a bus stop in Buona Vista. The 52-year old departed shortly after in a taxi, and was arrested after he alighted near Bukit Merah View.

A total of about 146g of heroin was recovered from the suspect.

A second suspect, a 59-year-old Singaporean, was also spotted interacting with the suspected syndicate leader.

He was arrested near Dover Drive by CNB officers, and a total of 9g of heroin was recovered from the suspect.

Suspects arrested at Buangkok Crescent and Ubi

On the same night, another group of CNB officers spotted two suspects, aged 50 and 47 respectively, near Ubi Avenue 1. After the meeting, the 50-year-old returned to his unit, while the 47-year-old drove off from the area.

The 47-year-old was tailed by CNB officers to Buangkok Crescent, and was swiftly arrested after alighting from the car.

Simultaneously, CNB officers forced their way into the 50-year-old's unit and recovered 9g of heroin from a sling bag found inside the toilet.

The 50-year-old was also brought to his motorcycle, where officers recovered a total of 292g of heroin concealed in the seat compartment.

Image from CNB.

The suspect was then escorted to his workplace near Victoria Street, where a total of 939g of heroin, packed in two different bundles, were recovered from a storeroom.

Suspected syndicate leader arrested

Meanwhile, the 58-year-old suspected syndicate leader continue to be monitored by CNB officers.

On Aug.7, CNB spotted another suspect, a 39-year-old Malaysian, meeting with the suspected syndicate leader near Buona Vista.

The Malaysian male handed over a white plastic bag to the Singaporean male, and departed shortly after on his motorcycle.

The suspected syndicate leader was promptly arrested on the spot, and about 1,191g of heroin was retrieved from the plastic bag.

The Malaysian suspect was arrested by another group of CNB officers at the junction of Lower Kent Ridge Road and South Buona Vista Road, and S$1,200 in cash was recovered from him.

Suspect arrested at Buona Vista

The last suspect, a 60-year-old Singaporean, was arrested near Buona Vista.

A total of about about 192g of heroin, a small amount of 'Ice' (methamphetamine) and S$2,452 in cash were recovered from the suspect.

Investigations are currently ongoing.

According to CNB, 2,778g of heroin is enough to feed the addiction of about 1,323 abusers for a week.

Top image from CNB.