Woman who pried open MRT doors allegedly chasing after her sister with autism

Don't jump to conclusions too quickly.

Zhangxin Zheng | August 29, 2019, 05:12 PM

A video uploaded on Aug. 28 showed a woman prying open the train doors at Little India MRT station as she appeared to have wanted to get onto the train badly.

Chasing after sister with autism

The woman's actions have been criticised and she was condemned for pulling off a dangerous act that could have potentially caused the train to stall.

However, one person has stepped forward to relate a plausible-sounding backstory about why the woman would do something so drastic in public.

A screenshot of a Reddit comment suggested that the woman was actually trying to get to her autistic sister.

The woman's sister had apparently wandered off, like before, and did not know how to get home after that.

The woman who pried open the train doors ignored her own safety and desperately wanted to get onto the train so as to not lose her sister in public.

The video footage did show another woman in a grey top running into the train before the doors closed.

She might have been the autistic sister of the woman.


Explanation sounds valid

This explanation has resonated with many and completely turned the story on its head.

The responses to the explanation included being more empathetic towards caregivers of autistic people.

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