Portrait Mode: Everything that happened at Tan Cheng Bock's PSP launch event in pictures

Many supporters attended, hopeful that the party launch would represent a momentous occasion in the history of Singapore.

Andrew Koay | August 03, 2019, 09:30 PM

Portrait Mode is a photo essay series of Singapore and all the people and things in it, seen through the lenses of our young photographers at Mothership.

This week, we attended the Progress Singapore Party's (PSP) launch event held at Hotel Swissôtel Merchant Court. Held on August 3, 2019, the party launch saw a total of an estimated 1,000 people in full-house attendance over two sessions.

Here's what we saw:

Before the party launch kicked off attendees wrote down their wishes for the PSP on Post-Its. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

Photo by Andrew Koay.

Photo by Andrew Koay.

Photo by Andrew Koay.

As seats filled up in the ballroom, elderly members and guests rolled up on wheelchairs to approach the stage. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

A multi-sided multimedia wall displayed social media posts that tagged the party's launch event. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

PSP members handed out canvas goodie bags with branded bottles of water, tissue packs, pamphlets and more. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

Tan Cheng Bock's entrance and introduction was met with rapturous applause. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

Photo by Andrew Koay.

Wang Swee Chuan, chairman of the PSP and Tan's 2011 campaign manager, delivers a speech. All six members of the party's central executive committee (CEC) gave speeches. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

Attendees used their phones to participate in interactive polls throughout the event. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

Hazel Poa, assistant treasurer of the PSP, used to head the National Solidarity Party. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

PSP treasurer S Nallakaruppan (L) and CEC member Michelle Lee (R) share a moment. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

Tan got emotional during his speech, prompting encouragement, cheers and applause from the crowd. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

The venue was packed with 500 people at each of the party's two launch event sessions. Many had to stand. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

Photo by Andrew Koay.

Everyone wanted a piece of Tan. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

After the speeches, the CEC took questions from the floor. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

Photo by Andrew Koay.

Photo by Andrew Koay

House lights were turned off and torch lights turned on as the PSP leadership led everyone in the room in a recitation of the national pledge, to symbolise how Tan and the PSP were going to lead Singapore out of darkness. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

Photo by Andrew Koay.

The event was brought to a close with the singing of the National Anthem. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

After the party launch ended, many were seen signing up to be members and volunteers. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

Photo by Andrew Koay.

Many also felt moved to support the PSP with donations. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

Some of these attendees couldn't help but feel like they were a part of history in the making. (Photo by Andrew Koay)

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Top photo collage by Andrew Koay