Japanese woman, 34, spends less than S$2.60 on meals per day, now owns 3 houses after 16 years


Tanya Ong | August 8, 08:54 pm


What lengths would you go to in order to save for a house?

One very determined woman in Japan scrimped and saved for 16 years, and recently purchased her third house in May 2019.


Started planning at 18

According to media reports, Saki Tamogami was 18 years old when she had a goal to buy three houses by the time she turned 34.

At the age of 27, she bought her first house in the Saitama prefecture for 10 million yen (S$130,200).

Her second house was purchased for 18 million yen (S$234,300) at the age of 29.

And by the time 2019 rolled around, the 34-year-old had bought her third house for 37 million yen (S$481,700).


Lengths she went to to save money

According to a Japanese media report, Saki shared that she would spend no more than 200 yen (S$2.60) per day on food.

To survive on the tight budget, she would cook udon with vegetables, spending only 50 yen (S$0.65) on the ingredients.

She reportedly said:

“As long as I can fill my stomach, what I eat doesn’t really make a difference.”


When she was 29 years old, she also supposedly cut and sold her own hair for 3,100 yen (S$40).

Currently, on top of her day job in the real estate industry, she earns money by collecting rent from the unoccupied rooms in her properties.

She also recently opened a cat cafe, Cafe Yunaagi, which operates out of her third property.

All the cats there are rescued strays.

The cafe is open only on Saturdays and public holidays.

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