Hong Kong protesters beat up suspected China military man, but some shielded him

They later found out the man was from the Shenzhen police, not that it makes it okay.

Kayla Wong | August 14, 2019, 01:52 AM

A man suspected to be from the Chinese military fell unconscious after getting beaten up by a group of Hong Kong protesters he allegedly infiltrated and pretended to be a part of.

While paramedics were stuck in a stand-off with the crowd of protesters, who largely refused to let them pass through, the man was sent to the hospital eventually after about two hours of jostling.

The incident happened on Tuesday night, Aug. 13 in the Hong Kong International Airport..

Man beaten up after suspecting he's from the PLA

Suspecting that he is from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), protesters surrounded the man and started hitting him.

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the young and violent elements who have transformed Hong Kong from a place of tranquility and robust commerce to one of violence, thuggery, banditry and gangsterism. This is a mark of shame that will forever taint those responsible for these self-harming crimes.

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However, other protesters in the crowd stepped in to shield the man from getting beaten.

According to CNN senior producer James Griffiths, protesters then tied the man's wrists using cable ties, which wereΒ allegedly tied so tightly they restricted his blood circulation, further worsening his condition.

The man also fell in and out of consciousness.

Griffiths tweeted that some of the protesters laughed at a picture of the unconscious man, which was "airdropped" to their Apple phones.

While paramedics attended to the man who was beaten, a small group of protesters looked on.

The man then regained consciousness.

Crowd refused to let paramedics through

However, the medics later had difficulty getting out of the airport as the crowd of protesters initially refused to make way for the injured person to pass through.

Even after a few protesters pleaded with the rest who refused to budge, the crowd remained unmoved.

The leaderless movement took a toll in this instance, as the protesters were unable to agree on what to do with the man.

After a stand-off of at least two hours, the protesters finally allowed paramedics to get through.

The man was eventually sent to the hospital.

Man was allegedly a Shenzhen police

Shortly after, it was revealed that the man was from the Shenzhen police, according to an identification card he was carrying.

Video gone viral in mainland China

The video of the assault has gone viral on Chinese social media too, with a postΒ on microblogging platform Weibo racking up more than 476,000 likes and 10,000 shares.

The post's caption said that a Chinese man born in 1996 was assaulted by a group of Hong Kong protesters, and that it still remains to be seen if he survived the attack.

Screenshot via Weibo

Grew suspicious of "spies" after Hong Kong police infiltrated protesters

The injured man was not the only one suspected of being a spy among protesters.

Some protesters have even accused reporters of being cops as suspicions of others infiltrating the group grew.

This was especially after the Hong Kong police admitted to disguising themselves as protesters and infiltrating the group to make arrests on Sunday, Aug. 11.

The police have also defended their actions, saying it was done to target the β€œradical” protesters.

Top image adapted via @jgriffiths