Haze returns to S'pore end-August 2019

The rainy weather provides relief.

Belmont Lay | August 26, 2019, 09:26 PM

Haze returned to Singapore on Monday morning, Aug. 26.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said this was caused by a brief shift in the direction of the prevailing winds that blew from the southwest on Sunday.

A Monday evening update by NEA said the “slightly hazy conditions gradually improved when the prevailing winds strengthened to blow from the south-southeast”.

NEA cautioned that Singapore may continue to experience slightly hazy conditions when the prevailing winds shift to blow from the southwest again.

Dry spell broken

Thundery showers fell all over the island on Monday.

Temperatures plunged as the island cooled drastically.

As of 6pm , the 24-hr PSI was between 68 and 80, in the moderate range.

The 1-hr PM2.5 concentration readings were 7-30 μg/m3, which was in Band I (Normal).

Thundery showers might return to Singapore “for the next few days”.

NEA said an "increase in shower activities is forecast over Sumatra".

Hot spots in Indonesia

Some 60 hot spots were detected in Indonesia on Monday, mainly in the provinces of Riau, Jambi and South Sumatra.

Localised smoke plumes emanated from some of the hotspots in those provinces.

NEA added: “The 24-hr PSI for the next 24 hours is forecast to be in the moderate range, whereas the 1-hr PM2.5 concentration reading for the next 24 hours is expected to be in Band I (Normal).”

The NEA will provide updates when necessary.

It said it is monitoring the situation closely.

Health impact

The health impact of haze is “dependent on one’s health status, the PSI level, and the length and intensity of outdoor activity”, NEA said in a reminder.

Everyone can continue with normal activities given the air quality forecast for the next 24 hours, NEA said.

Persons who are not feeling well, especially the elderly and children, and those with chronic heart or lung conditions should seek medical attention.