S'pore's immediate future clear as low odds of haze returning right after 54th National Day

Deep breaths, everyone.

Belmont Lay| August 12, 05:12 PM

Singapore's immediate future appears to be clear and not so hazy.

This is due to the number of hot spots detected in Sumatra falling from 68 to 36.

Haze threat low

The threats of a hazy August 2019 appears to have dissipated as quickly as the change in weather in these parts of the world.

Brief showers fell on Singapore on Saturday morning, Aug. 10.

The brief drizzle over some parts was repeated on Sunday.

Due to cloudiness, fires in Indonesia have also been reduced.

However, localised smoke plumes from hot spots in Riau are still being observed.

PSI moderate range

The 24-hr PSI at one point over the National Day 2019 long weekend was between 62 to 67 in the moderate range.

Even though that reading has persisted in the moderate range, the 1-hr PM 2.5 readings for 24 hours remained largely normal in Band I.

The likelihood of Singapore being affected by haze is currently low, as prevailing winds are expected to blow from the southeast or south, although the weather over Sumatra is likely to remain dry.

Watch out for PM2.5 level

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said the main air pollutant during the haze season is PM2.5.

The public should use the one-hour PM2.5 concentration reading as an indicator for immediate activities like going for a jog, the agency said.

Singapore's future looked hazy at one point: