Hamster at Pet Lovers Centre S’pore allegedly sandwiched between baskets during cage cleaning

Other customers shared their experiences with the pet shop as well.

Mandy How | August 5, 05:08 pm


While not often highlighted, cases of hamster neglect and abandonment still exist in Singapore.

More than 20 pet hamsters & rats abandoned in Sengkang since April 27, 2019

And on August 4, 2019, Hamster Society Singapore (HSS) was alerted to another distressing case that allegedly occured at Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) in Ang Mo Kio.

According to HSS, a member of the public witnessed the hamster being sandwiched between two baskets while its cage was being cleaned in.

However, HSS alleged that more than one hamster had a basket stacked on them, and the animals were also left with no food and water during this period.

A temporary box or carrier should have been used to house the hamsters instead, the welfare society said.

Customer experiences

In response to the the post, some customers shared their own experiences with PLC.

While others called PLC out on their practices:

“Is it really a big deal?”

One user was not too sure what the hoo-ha was about, so others explained it to him.

But one user presented another perspective, too:

Tiny cage reportedly recommended

HSS also uploaded a photo of a cage, reportedly smaller in width than an A4-sized paper, and claimed that it was recommended by a PLC staff member to a hamster owner.

Other hamster owners did not approve of its size.

We have reached out to Pet Lovers Singapore as well as Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS), and will update this article when they reply.

Original post here:

Top image via Hamster Society Singapore

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