Suntec City cafe specialises in souffle pancakes, prices from S$8.80

They claim to have the fluffiest and lightest pancakes in the world.

Melanie Lim | August 13, 11:40 pm


If long queues are a testament to anything, it’s that Singaporeans love their souffle pancakes (or just new cafes, in general):

S’poreans queue up to 4 hours for Japanese pancakes at VivoCity on cafe’s opening day

Fluff stack

Adding to the growing list of pancake cafes in Singapore is Fluff Stack, a recently opened cafe in Suntec City.

Decked out in pink and white decor, this cozy 40-seater cafe has five main souffle pancake offerings.

1) Classic souffle pancakes (S$8.80)

The least expensive option sells for S$8.80, and diners will be getting two fluffy pancakes with honey butter, maple syrup and chantilly cream:

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2) Oolong boba souffle pancakes (S$9.80)

Next up on the menu are the oolong boba souffle pancakes, which come with gula melaka boba and oolong creme anglaise:

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Oolong soufflé pancakes [$9.80] . . Jumping into the current bandwagon of soufflé pancake hype, @fluffstack is perhaps the most pocket-friendly local soufflé pancake store, since @jabcoffeeco has unfortunately ceased operations. A total of 5 different soufflé pancake flavours are offered here (swipe to the end to view the menu), ranging from classic original to fruit-based ones such as strawberry and mango passionfruit. We settled for the Oolong flavour instead, which was more uncommon and less mainstream. Served with gula melaka boba pearls, chantilly cream, a side of Oolong créme anglaise is also served alongside the stack of 2 fluffy soufflé pancakes. The soufflé pancakes are freshly baked upon order which required a waiting time of at least 15 minutes. Texture was soft, fluffy and cotton-like, with a subtle eggy flavour. Not as eggy as @rizlabosg though my dining partner mentioned that it’s more eggy than Gram which I have yet got to try. Though this is not the best soufflé pancakes I’ve had, it was still pretty enjoyable and given it’s affordable pricing, I wouldn’t mind a revisit for other flavours. Imo the highlight here has got to be the Oolong créme anglaise which possessed a distinct, lingering aroma of Oolong tea flavour, great for the bubble tea / milk tea lovers! 💛 The side of chantilly cream was also smooth, creamy with a pleasant tinge of sweetness that came not only as an enhancement to the visuals but rather a palatable complement to the fluffy stack🥞. . . . #burpple #fluffstack #sgfoodie #sgdesserts

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3) Strawberry cheese souffle pancakes (S$12.80)

There’s also strawberry cheese souffle pancakes, which are topped with fresh strawberries, strawberry coulis and cream cheese:

4) Hazelnut chocolate souffle pancakes (S$13.80)

Fans of hazelnut chocolate will love this combination of pancakes, feuilletine flakes, raspberry dust and chantilly cream:

5) Mango passion fruit souffle pancakes (S$14.80)

Last but not least, the mango passion fruit souffle pancakes come doused in passion fruit compote, honey mango, coconut sago and a dollop of chantilly cream.

Full menu

Extra toppings of honey butter, boba, fresh fruits and more are available from S$0.50 to S$2.80.

Here’s their full menu:

Image via Fluff Stack on Facebook

Drinks, such as coffee and cold-brew tea, are also available:

Image via Fluff Stack on Facebook

Where to go

Address: Suntec City Mall, #B1-K4, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Friday, 11am – 10pm
  • Saturday – Sunday, 10am – 10pm

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