All flights out of Hong Kong cancelled as thousands of protesters stage demonstration in airport

It is unclear when flights will resume.

Jason Fan | August 12, 2019, 05:05 PM

The authorities at Hong Kong International Airport have ordered all flights out of the city to be cancelled on Monday, Aug. 12, after thousands of protesters entered the airport to stage a demonstration.

Protests in reaction to police firing tear gas indoors

The decision was made after thousands of protesters flooded into the airport, with signs claiming that Hong Kong was not safe, and that the police were attempting to kill citizens.

This is in reaction to a police operation on Sunday night, which saw Hong Kong police firing tear gas into an MTR station.

Although tear gas has been a common weapon used by the police, this was the first time it was deployed indoors.

Police guidelines state that tear gas should not be fired indoors, and many Hong Kong citizens were outraged at what appeared to be disproportionate use of force.

According to the South China Morning Post, a total of 54 people were injured across the city, as of 2:20pm on Monday.

All flights cancelled

According to airport authorities, departure flights that have already completed the check-in process, and arrival flights that are already heading to Hong Kong will not be cancelled.

However, all other flights are cancelled for Monday.

It is unclear whether the flights will resume on Tuesday.

Airport authorities have also warned members of the public not to go to the airport.

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