S’poreans ask Dennis Chew to apologise for ‘brownface’ ad in comments on his Instagram post

The users commented on an unrelated photo that was posted before the incident.

Mandy How | August 3, 2019 @ 11:34 am


On July 28, an e-payment advertisement by NETS was called out for being racially insensitive.

The ad featured Mediacorp actor and deejay Dennis Chew as four characters: A Malay woman wearing a tudung, an Indian man in office wear, a Chinese woman in a pink jacket, and a reportedly Chinese man with a moustache and blue overalls.

‘Brownface’ ad in S’pore in 2019 removed after getting called out for being racially insensitive

Following the backlash, Mediacorp, NETS, and creative agency Havas Worldwide apologised for the ad, which was since taken down.

Nets apologises for ‘brownface’ ad

Havas issues 2nd apology in 4 days over ‘brownface’ ad

No comments thus far

However, Chew has yet to comment on his involvement in the ad.

A day before the incident broke out, Chew had posted a photo of himself attending an event at Waterway Point.

A child was also seen in the photo.

Although the photo was posted before the incident and was not related to it, Instagram users have commented retroactively to criticise Chew.

They received quite a number of likes on their comments.

A few others questioned if he will be addressing the ad, and advised that he release an apology.

Chew has not posted anything on Instagram since then.

Elsewhere on Twitter, users also felt that Chew should also be held accountable for his involvement with the ad.

We also contacted Chew a few days ago to ask for his views on his involvement in the ad, as well as the fallout that followed. He has yet to respond.

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Top image via Dennis Chew/Instagram

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