Chuando, 53, says filming nude scenes with Taiwanese actress ‘quite easy’ & not awkward

The movie is shot in Singapore.

Tanya Ong | August 19, 2019 @ 02:29 pm


53-year-old Chuando Tan reportedly moved to China to go into acting in 2018.

Tan to star in movie

Tan will be starring in an upcoming movie by Wayne Peng, a Taiwanese director, with a cast featuring Tay Ping Hui, Xiang Yun, and other actresses from Taiwan.

Although the movie’s name and release date has not been announced yet, it will be a murder drama set in the 1960s.

Tan will play a 30-something-year-old doctor.

On May 14, Tan also shared a short snippet of the behind-the-scenes:

The movie is shot in Singapore.

Auditioned for movie at director’s home

According to an interview with 8 Days, Tan said that the director and his wife called him about the part.

He went for an audition at their home, where they asked if he was confident to act and speak Mandarin.

After seeing his videos on Instagram and Weibo where he spoke Mandarin, and him assuring them he’s “confident enough to act”, they decided to give him the part.

Nude scenes “quite easy” for him

Tan will have a shower scene in the movie, which he had to strip naked for.

He was also involved in a love scene, which is supposed to be a “passionate secret affair” with another character, played by a Taiwanese actress.

When asked if these scenes were challenging, Tan told 8 Days that it was “quite easy” for him as he’s “not shy about things like that.”

He also added that his experience as a model and photographer has made him more “open about nudity”:

“I’m already so old, what’s there to be awkward about? To me it was just acting. And I see models without clothes on all the time in my 20, 30 years as a photographer, so I’m pretty open about nudity.”

The filming experience

Because the sex scene came at such a short notice due to the production schedule, Tan said he had no time to diet even though he wanted to look leaner on camera.

For the steamy scene, Tan revealed that it was a closed set with only one cameraman and an assistant. The director viewed the scene behind a curtain via a monitor.

And although these experiences were new for Tan, who also revealed that he was “quite blur” on his first day of filming because he was quite uncertain of what was expected of him, he said that he really enjoys acting.

Tan also looks forward to new challenges in the future.

Top photo via Chuando Tan’s Instagram

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