Chang'e figure at S'pore Chinatown turning heads because it looks masculine

Looks more like Mr Chang.

Joshua Lee | August 21, 2019, 06:18 PM

The myth behind the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is the story of Chang'e, a beautiful lady who ate the elixir of immortality and flew to the moon to become the Moon Goddess.


Besides gorging on copious amounts of moon cakes every year, from August to September, Singapore's Chinatown will be decked out with decorations depicting the beautiful goddess, alongside her pet rabbit and lanterns, like this:

Except this year, Chang'e is turning heads for all the wrong reasons.

Masculine version

An image of Chang'e has been posted on Facebook along with the caption:

"Is this Chang'e or Brother Chang?"

via Yang Shi Ming/Facebook.

Here's a closer look at the goddess' visage:

Despite the feminine hairstyle and shapely eyebrows, the figure still has an unmistakable manly look about it thanks to the fierce stare and large ears.

It triggered a wave of comments from Facebook users:

via Facebook

via Facebook

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"This is Hou Yi (Chang'e's husband) dressed in drag as punishment"

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"Chang'e's brother is standing in for her"

via Facebook

"Should sent to Thailand or Korea for plastic surgery"

Definitely a Mid-Autumn Festival to remember. You can see Yang's original post here:

Top images via Yang Shi Ming/Facebook.