9 best mooncakes from S'pore in 2014 that can lure Chang Er down from the Moon

These are the only mooncakes you need this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Medha Lim| September 08, 08:02 AM

Singaporeans' love affair with mooncakes is well known.

Every year, around this time, you will receive mooncakes from your family, friends, exes, neighbours, business partners, colleagues, in-laws and even strangers. You will eat so much of it, it comes out from your ears.

And you tell yourself, no more, I have had enough. Never again.

But when next year comes around, the exact same thing repeats itself.

Regardless, here are the 9 best mooncakes you can find in Singapore in 2014 that will leave you satiated:


Snow skin mooncakes

1. Grand Hyatt Green Tea with Sake Truffle Snow Skin

$69 for 8 miniature mooncakes

Alcohol? Check. Green tea? Check. This mooncake can take the cake.



2. Fullerton Hotel Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin

$55 for 4 mooncakes

With pandan and gula melaka, this is a true Singaporean mooncake. It should have come during National Day.



3. Goodwood Park Hotel Calamansi, Kumquat and Sour Plum Snowskin Mooncake

$48 for 4 mooncakes

Whoever said mooncake had to be sweet, you have tasted nothing yet. Nothing, you understand?



4. Hai Tien Lo Four Treasure Petit Snow Skin Mooncake

$64.20 for a box

This includes: Pistachio, Osmanthus and Chinese Herbs; Hazelnuts, Honey and Grapefruit; Almonds, Custard and Longan; Melon Seeds, Oolong and Chrysanthemum. Our bet goes with the Almond-flavoured one.



5. St. Regis Yan Ting Red Dates and Wolfberries Snow Skin Mooncake

$68 for 8 miniature mooncakes

This could appeal to the Cantonese friends among us, where the ingredients would usually be found in soups rather than in mooncakes.



Baked mooncakes

6. Peony Jade Orh Ni Mooncake

$49.30 for 4 pieces

There is nothing more luxurious than orh ni (yam paste) with creamy pumpkin puree. Wait. Yes, there is, if it's wrapped in flaky baked pastry.



7. Ritz-Carlton Hotel's Purple Sweet Potato with Pumpkin Mooncake

$60 for 4 pieces

Why not give the humble sweet potato a chance, since you already know how good orh ni gets as a mooncake flavour?



8. Hua Ting's Milk Tea Lotus Paste with Melon Seeds Mooncake

$62 for 4 pieces

Teh tarik flavour?



9. Singapore Airlines Passion Fruit with Rosella Mooncake

$68 per box of four

Honestly, we're just curious if SIA does mooncakes as well as they do flying.



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