Boba milk tea with diamond-shaped pearls available for S$3.38 on some AirAsia flights

Boba milk tea 35,000 feet in the air.

Guan Zhen Tan| August 13, 07:05 PM

We may be reaching the peak of bubble tea madness.

Because now you can enjoy bubble tea, a.k.a. boba milk tea, on AirAsia planes.

Here it is.

The milk tea comes with diamond-shaped konjac pearls, which makes for great photos on Instagram.

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Available on certain AirAsia flights

According to AirAsia's official website, boba milk tea can be found on the menu of AirAsia flights with the code FD and XJ.

The drink will set you back about 75 baht, or S$3.38.

This isn't the only bubble milk tea drink in an AirAsia flight menu, apparently.

On their menu for Z2 flights, winter melon milk tea with pearls is available for 140 Philippine pesos, or S$3.71 each

Screenshot via AirAsia

This may be subject to availability on the flight and the destination you're flying to and from, so it's best to check with the AirAsia flight you're on.

Bubble tea first made available on flights in 2012

Apparently, AirAsia has had several bubble tea drinks in their in-flight menu.

The budget carrier is also reportedly the first airline to introduce bubble tea in their menu back in 2012, according to Marketing Interactive.

Earlier this year, it introduced the bandung sago pearl milk tea in their menu, in collaboration with bubble tea chain Chatime.

Something to look forward to on your next AirAsia flight.

Top photo via อีเทิ้ลรีวิว's Facebook post