Technical officer, 49, graduates with honours from NUS engineering


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While it’s rare to see older folks like Choo Siew Eng, 56, go back to school again, Choo is definitely not the only one that has done so.

56-year-old lady graduates with degree in NTU electrical & electronic engineering

Kaneson s/o Machapu, 49, proves that with passion and grit, one can still complete a degree later in life.

Photo from NUS.

Kaneson recently graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Technology (Chemical Engineering) with Honours (distinction).

However, this is actually a long overdue dream.

Gave up on his studies to take care of his family

Kaneson shared that he did not pursue a tertiary education when he had the chance to do so 28 years back because he had to take care of his elderly parents and help support his family.

He started off as a technical officer at Jurong Power Station and then worked his way up to become a Deputy Manager at Tuas Power Generation later.

In 2015, he took up a grant by Tuas Power Generation to study at NUS Engineering.

Over the past four years, Kaneson had to juggle both work and family commitments while doing his degree.

He attended night classes and spent lunch hours completing his tutorials and revisions.

Kaneson admitted that the journey had been challenging but fulfilling.


Kaneson revealed that the skillsets and knowledge he picked up at school have been very useful at work.

Going back to school again also helps him understand his two children better as he has been through the academic stress that students face.

Photo of Kaneson with his wife and youngest daughter. Photo from NUS.

Kaneson hopes older Singaporeans will not be deterred from learning by age:

“Do not let fear stop you. Your pursuit of education is going to be a worthwhile investment for yourself and your family”.

Photo from NUS.

Top photo collage from NUS

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