S’porean boy finds old S$2 paper note ‘weird’ for not having clear plastic window

These paper notes were first issued to the public in 1999 when this kid wasn't even born yet.

Guan Zhen Tan | July 18, 09:15 pm


If you need a reminder that you’re old, do we have the perfect video for you.

Confused about a paper S$2 note

One user on the TikTok social media platform, who goes by the user ID dat_boi_with_sunglasses, uploaded a video of himself coming across a “weird” S$2 note when going through his savings.

The TikTok user, who’s nickname is “the real izzy rayyan” is a young boy attending a local primary school in the north of Singapore.

He said in the video:

“Guys, I was just going through my savings, then you see this is the normal S$2 right, I came across this, I don’t even remember how I got this but I got it, it’s like, see, it’s so weird, because it is not clear, when it’s actually supposed to be clear. Like not clear, and there’s that.”

The video has since been watched over 127,600 times.

Clear window part of polymer note’s security feature

The boy was confused as he noticed that the paper note didn’t have the complex clear window, which is the transparent top left-hand corner part of the S$2 note.

The window has Singapore’s National Coat of Arms embossed on it, while the paper note has the Coat of Arms printed on the note itself, above the multi-tone portrait watermark.

The complex clear window is one of the security features of the polymer notes, which are made from specialised polypropylene plastic that is derived from petroleum, a material that’s not commercially available, according to the Monetary Authority of Singapore website.

Screenshot via MAS’ website

While this particular series of notes have been in circulation since 1999, polymer notes were progressively issued to the public in the early 2000s, starting from the S$10 note in 2004, the S$2 note in 2006 and the S$5 note in 2007.

Now, the use of polymer notes is rather widespread, which probably explains the boy’s confusion, having not seen a paper S$2 note, or had not been aware that there are two types of S$2 notes in circulation.

Some users thought it was counterfeit as well:

Screenshot via dat_boi_with_sunglasses’ TikTok video
Screenshot via dat_boi_with_sunglasses’ TikTok video

Thankfully, other TikTok users have kindly enlightened them:

Screenshot via dat_boi_with_sunglasses’ TikTok video
Screenshot via dat_boi_with_sunglasses’ TikTok video
Screenshot via dat_boi_with_sunglasses’ TikTok video
Screenshot via dat_boi_with_sunglasses’ TikTok video

Point noted.

This only means one thing: TikTok users are really young.

For the rest of us who cannot even fathom how this is an issue in the first place, we are very old af indeed.

Top image adapted via dat_boi_with_sunglasses’ TikTok video

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